This Apple TV version is not Eligible

I have downloaded the most recent version on Seasonpass and With all four of my devices, I get this error. Is this error related to the recent activity of Apple not signing firmware?Or do I have something wrong locally on my PC (software, iTunes, etc)?

Also, this recent version of Seasonpass doesn’t download the intended firmware first, it asks you to plug the Micro USB into the device. Thanks guys

I’m in the same boat. I have jail broken every other version but 5.1 says not eligible.

Use snowbreeze. It works great and easy to use.

Thanks. I used snowbreeze but Xbmc appears with a black logo only and when I downgrade to Eden it dissapears. Your thoughts?

Are you using atv flash? I have not had that problem. You can also build a signed ipsw with ifaith and patch the Dmg files from the snowbreeze ipsw using total commander.

Trying TC. Which snowbreeze file? The Ipsw it downloads or the one it builds with my blobs?

The one it builds with your blobs.

So use that instead of the seas0npass Ipsw in the old tutorial, drag the two dmg files left to right, then open TC with the ifaith signed Ipsw and drag those right to left? Didn’t work. I must be doing something wrong. Feel free to email direct I appreciate your help.