This app is no longer shared with you

Total crash.

With the update to 6.4.2 it is not even possible to open it, immediate crash. Only a popup appears: “This app is no longer shared with you. You have to buy it again in the AppStore”.
I am a lifetime owner. iPadOS 13.5.



After deleting the app and downloading it again, infuse works again.

Glad you were able to get it sorted out, but this sounds like it may be an App Store related issue.

Are you using multiple Apple IDs, or was this purchased by a family member?

No, I only use an Apple ID and the update to 6.4.0 and 6.4.1 worked without this problem.

Hmm, interesting.

I found a few threads where people posted similar issues, and it seems to be something related to the App Store.

If it happens again, you may try logging out of the App Store and back in. This can sometimes help resolve App Store related issues like this.

It’s been reported as a system wide bug with iOS 13.5.


BINGO! Thanks for the insight!

It looks like Apple is reissuing a number of updates to address this issue.

Thank you for your feedback. I am primarily glad that this annoying problem has nothing to do with infuse.


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And a final note (hopefully)


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