Thinking of upgrading from 4.4.4 to 5.1.1 -- Transferring settings?

I assume if I upgrade to 5.1.1 from 4.4.4 all of my settings will be wiped out. Can I restore using the Maintenance feature to get some of these back? Will it remember my viewed files from the Media Player? How about the native Apple apps like YouTube etc - perhaps not a big deal to re-enter that login stuff, etc, but is any of this info saved too? Looking for some words of wisdom before I pull the trigger to finally update to the new menu format.

Before updating, your best option will be to do a ‘Normal’ settings backup through the Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu.

This will save all your Media Player settings (watched history, metadata, share info, etc…), as well as most other 3rd party plugins as well.

Got it – thanks for the reply. As mentioned in the forums it would be nice to be able to backup to a local LAN target as well as be able to restore to a different Apple TV.

from a reliability standpoint is 5.1.1 more or less stable than 4.4.4? thanks

I lost YouTube access on 4.4.4 and got it back with 5.1.1. I have seen 5.1.1 do the iPhone like vanish crash in Media Player once but doing a reboot seemed to solve that – I assume it was running low on memory for some reason. Bottom line is I have been happy with the move up to 5.1.1.