Thinking of purchasing - need answers re backing up of data

Hi there,

I recently had my mac drive go corrupt on me :shock: taking with it all of my photos from the past 4/5 years. The mac is now working again - but had to be fully formatted. I had no backup of photos - only what was synced to the atv. No comments please on what I SHOULD have done to prevent this… :oops:

Using atv flash, is there any way of extracting the data from atv?

alternatively - do any of you atv gurus know of a way to get this precious data back?

Yes, once the aTV Flash is installed, you can connect directly via SFTP through Fugu ( or SCP through Terminal to extract your data.

Alternatively, we can extract your data and burn it to a group of DVDs for you, if you want to avoid the hassle. Contact us if you are interested in this.

So let me get this straight! I am hopefully starting to see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

a. Installing aTV flash will not wipe the data that is currently on the atv - it will simply upgrade the operating system?

b. I am not familiar with SCP or SFTP, but Fugu (on a cursary glance) seems to look fairly user friendly. Is this the case?

c. Will the photos be in their original format (.jpg) ie is it pretty much just drag and drop?

d. Will the photos on atv be at the same res as on the (ex) mac or are they compressed in any way in the syncronisation?

I am based in the UK - so ideally would not like to ship the unit over to you guys. If you were in the UK I’d have it there tomorrow!!

Thanks in advance for all the help

a. Yes, it will not change what you have currently installed. It will be installed alongside the existing software.

b. Yes, fugu would be drag and drop, but you would need to copy each file by itself. A batch SCP command can be set up through Terminal to copy all your media automatically. We can help you with this if you like.

c. Yes, photo format will remain unchanged.

d. Yes, Photos will remain unchanged.