Thinking about upgrading 40gb Hard drive in ATV

Is this a fairly easy process or should I leave this up to the professionals? 40gb just isnt cutting it, running out of space. The 250gb for $179 seems like a good deal. Im assuming I will have to reload the atv flash all over again after it comes back right? I have XBMC and my library with over 700 movies, all the imdb data and posters, will I have to redo all of that if i reload the atv flash and xbmc?

Generally it depends on how techie you are. Professional service is always good and $180 is not a bad price at all. However if you decide to do it yourself, a few links:

Just be aware that you could rip a cable, type a command wrong, accidentally cause a spark on a component. Of course this is a risk for any computer repair, I’ve fixed Macs for many years and all of this has happened to me. Just be careful if you do it yourself. :sunglasses:

Also if you do a complete copy of the 40GB drive and are able to keep the exact copy of the image put onto the new drive, you shouldn’t have to redo the applications.