Things were running great, I now need some advice-Fixed it

edit: Disregard I restored it


I have been using my jailbroke Apple Tv 2 with newer firmware for months, mainly to stream videos from my pc and for XBMC.  A week or so ago it wouldn’t show any of my videos in XBMC under videos>files.  It showed all my paths I had set up but nothing.  So today I set up Plex and updated to new firmware to see if that would work but now I can’t get XBMC to load.  I would like to reset or restore my APTV to see if that might fix it but I need to know the proper steps.  I looked in the ATV menu and it said a full reset would wipe it and install new updates and I wasn’t sure if I should do that.  I hooked my ATV to my pc and started seasonpass and I selected create ispw and now it is telling me to entering dfu mode, is this what I should do?