Thin green line at bottom of screen

I have searched this forum and have not been able to find a solution.

I have a thin green line at the bottom of the screen when watching movies in media player.

Who else has this issue and is there a fix?

i have this issue too, but not been able to fix it

I also have have been using xbmc instead

Is this occurring with all file types, or just a few?

What type of files are you playing when this issue appears?

I have this too on all types of video I've tried - MP4 and AVI mostly.  I stream from a MyBookWorld NAS, which initially couldn't even read into folder structures so maybe something NAS specific again?  The line is very thin and I can easily ignore it.


i only have vob files and happens on all of them, streaming from a WD sharespace Nas drive

I have this as well.

Mostly .avi's streaming from 4 drive Drobo, attached via USB to airport extreme.