They Charge For This Software?

OMG, I can't believe I just spend over $50 for this junk! Buggy as all hell! Apple TV crashes at random where I have to restart the whole thing. 

Yes they do.  And it will work, after you spend a week fixing every little setting and adjustment.  The alternative FREE version has less support and less information on how to make it work.  Since my time is worth $20 per hour at least, I have saved that much using this software.


It is hard to believe that they do but they do. Absolutely , without any sense of shame they take money for a product which clearly does not do what the advertising claims . ATV Flash is nothing more than an
IT project in its early stages where the customer is expected to work through all the bugs,missing installs, missing software etc and all without any instructions .They suggest this is a plug and play like alternative to self build jailbreaks. It is a million miles from that. I should have read a selection of posts here before buying and that is what I am going to suggest on 3rd party review sites. Do not buy unless you are willing to spend days and weeks working through all the issues and essentially building it yourself and to do this with no customer support. I demanded a refund.