TheTVDB License Changes

TheTVDB has announced changes, how will this effect us the end user?

Great question!

We have a license agreement in place with TheTVDB, so it will be business as usual moving forward for those who use Infuse. :slight_smile:

We’ll also be migrating to the new v4 API in early 2021.


For those who aren’t familiar with the upcoming changes from TheTVDB, they are moving to a dual licensing model. Either the app you use can cover the cost for use of the service, or you can purchase a subscription directly from TheTVDB.

As mentioned above, Infuse includes a license for TheTVDB so there are no extra subscriptions required for those who use Infuse. Things will simply continue working as they always have. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for clearing that up James :slight_smile: so glad we can still be using things as per usual!

Great! Just got an email from TheTVDB. Was wondering. Good to see we’re covered. Thanks!

I got the email too…

Can’t wait for this feature! I created my own playlists for Arrowverse and the MCU which are now empty as I moved files around. :cry:

Lists and Franchises

Fully translatable and sorted, allowing access to official franchises like MCU and Arrowverse.

@james, would it be correct to also assume that when deprecate older versions of the API, v4 and v5 of Infuse will stop working correctly for all tv related metadata?

Yes, TheTVDB has announced they will be switching off the old APIs in March 2021 (or shortly thereafter).

Unfortunately, this means legacy versions of Infuse will no longer be able to receive TV show metadata after this point.

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