doesn't recognize TV show

As I understand it (correct me if I’m wrong), a TV show must appear in in order for Infuse to recognize it as a TV show? What happens if doesn’t have a listing for a particular TV show?

For example, there’s a Japanese anime called “Ping Pong The Animation”. See: Ping Pong the Animation -

The folder/files for this show are placed in the TV Shows folder on disk, but Infuse doesn’t recognize it as a TV show. That’s probably because it’s not listed in As a result, the show episodes always appear in the “Other” folder in Infuse. That’s really inconvenient because nothing in Other is grouped by folder.


  1. Is there any way to force Infuse to place a show in the TV Shows folder (even if it doesn’t recognize the metadata)?
  2. If not, is there any way to have the Other folder use a folder hierarchy rather than displaying ALL of the files at the same level?

Update: when I changed the file name to the Japanese version of the title (ピンポン), Infuse correctly recognized it as a TV show. So that’s good :slight_smile:

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It appears that the series you’re looking for “is” in thetvdb…

So if you label your files “Ping Pong S01E01.ext” Infuse should find it. I just did a test file with that name and it pulled it up right away.

Also, if you ever do run across a show that isn’t in thetvdb you can join the site and add it yourself since it’s a user supported site.

EDIT TO ADD: Just saw your edit where you changed the name to Japanese and it was found. So now you have two ways to make it work! :wink:

You’re right! I originally named my files “Ping.Pong.The.Animation”, but that didn’t work. And I couldn’t immediately find a match when I tried to edit the metadata – I should have checked more carefully.

Still, I wish the Other folder was a little easier to use because there are still shows that TheTVDB doesn’t recognize. For example, there’s a series of films called “Kizumonogatari”: Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen (Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu) -

I’ve tried searching for “Kizumonogatari” and the Japanese name (傷物語), but TheTVDB doesn’t find it. I guess I should add it to the database myself.

Thanks for your help!

It looks like that one is classified as a movie, and includes 3 parts.

My original file name for the first film was “Kizumonogatari I - Tekketsu-hen v2 (1080)”, which wasn’t recognized. But when I changed it to “Kizumonogatari.1”, it WAS recognized. So it looks like I just have to spend more time tweaking the file names. Thanks again!

I’m also interested in that topic. Even if in this case the problem was solved. It would still be great if it would be possible to force a folder as a TV Show! Because there are TV shows that have been broadcast in different cuts. For example: The German show “Patrik Pacard” (Patrik Pacard - is available in 6 episodes of 45 minutes or 12 episodes of 23 minutes or even a version of 3 movies of 90 minutes. That was a common case of a lot of German TV shows of the 80s and 90s. Also for shows of other countries.

There are also a few series in my collection of which I only have recorded my favorite episodes. I often do not even know to which season they belong. So it would be really great if we could force a folder to recognize it as a “TV-Show” (or other categories).

You may want to start a thread in the Suggestions forum so others could add their support. :slight_smile:

I’ve run into another TV show that isn’t being recognized by Infuse, despite my best efforts. The anime is called “Mushishi Zoku Shou” (or “MUSHI-SHI -Next Passage” or “Mushishi: The Next Chapter”): doesn’t appear to include a listing for this particular series(?) As a result, Infuse is applying the wrong metadata to every episode. It’s using the metadata for a movie called "Mushishi: The Next Chapter - Path of Thorns”. Because of that, all of the episodes show up under “Movies” in Infuse. However they’re not sorted, so it’s practically impossible to watch the episodes in order.

I guess the solution would be for me to add that series to (although not sure how hard that is). Still, I wish Infuse could more gracefully handle situations like this.


Lots of problems with tv shows.
No art work and names for survivor and The amazing race AU for instance.

When will this be solved ?


Just did a quick search out of curiosity and it looks like theTVDB has both of those seasons classed as Season 2. So all you need to do is drop them into one folder named Season 2 (within the parent show folder named “Mushi-Shi”) and name then as so:

[your MUSHI-SHI -Next Passage]
Mushi-Shi.s02e01.Banquet at the Forest’s Edge
Mushi-Shi.s02e02.The Warbling Seashell
Mushi-Shi.s02e03.Beneath the Snow
Mushi-Shi.s02e04.The Hand That Caresses the Night
Mushi-Shi.s02e05.Mirror Lake
Mushi-Shi.s02e06.Floral Delusion
Mushi-Shi.s02e07.Cloudless Rain
Mushi-Shi.s02e08.Wind Raiser
Mushi-Shi.s02e09.Valley of the Welling Tide
Mushi-Shi.s02e10.Depths of Winter

[your Mushishi: The Next Chapter]
Mushi-Shi.s02e11.Cushion of Grass
Mushi-Shi.s02e12.Fragrant Darkness
Mushi-Shi.s02e13.Lingering Crimson
Mushi-Shi.s02e14.Hidden Cove
Mushi-Shi.s02e15.Thread of Light
Mushi-Shi.s02e16.Sea of Otherworldly Stars
Mushi-Shi.s02e17.Azure Waters
Mushi-Shi.s02e18.Lightning’s End
Mushi-Shi.s02e19.Mud Grass
Mushi-Shi.s02e20.Tree of Eternity

That should work for you, let me know.

Did these ever work previously?

What are the filenames you are using?

Have you tried to manually assign the metadata for one single episode from each show?

You’re right! I guess I’m still learning the tricks to using metadata properly. I didn’t realize that the Mushi-Shi listing on included the second season (which dropped 9 years later) until I opened it and clicked on “All Seasons”. Thanks for the tip!

No problem. Happy to help!

Still can not get the right info for the American tv show Survivor.
My file name is survivor.S40E01.mkv

Anybody know what’s wrong ?


There a few shows called Survivor on the tvdb.

So maybe try;


See if they work.

I did try that but still not working.


When you do an Edit Metadata does it offer the correct one as an option? If so, once you select it Infuse will remember your corrections.

Also, I’ve found it’s usually better to leave the parenthetical punctuation off of the year if you have to use it to find a series. They are seen as spaces and multiple spaces in a row sometimes will throw off the metadata fetch.

When I do edit metadata, infuse can’t find anything.
I have others like Project runway and Survivor Australian and they are perfect.

I will keep trying.