These animated series are not on TMDB but they are on TheTVDB


These two animated series are not on TMDB but they are on TheTVDB

Here is the page.

“The Pink Panther”

“Tom and Jerry”

I have those animated series and I organize them as they are shown on TheTVDB.
I want to put the animated series into Infuse, I know Infuse only pulls metadata from TMDB, is there a way to get it organized nicely if I put it in?
I ask because I haven’t published them yet, I wanted to check with you first.

Both series are on TMDB

There may be a difference between TMDB and TVDB as far as season and episode numbers but TMDB usually has the most correct.

You may have to change some of your file names to get them to work.

If you post a few examples of how you have the files named for both we can try to help.

No, those links that you sent me from TMDB are not the correct ones.

This is how I have them named

TV Shows/The Pink Panther

Season 1
The Pink Panther S01E01
Season 2
The Pink Panther S02E01

TV Shows/Tom and Jerry

Season 1940 - 1940’s
Tom and Jerry S1940E01
Season 1950 - 1950’s
Tom and Jerry S1950E01

These will probably be tough to get changed over. For example the first pink panther you have is “The Pink Phink” as episode S01E01 according to TVDB but in reality it was a movie “short” and is classified as such both on IMDB

and also on TMDB

TMDB is a stickler for first release info and that’s what they stick with so even though later this was the first episode of the series it was released as a movie short first.

And what can you tell me about the other cartoon? “Tom and Jerry”
Is it also classified as a “short” movie on TMDB?

It would be great if Infuse could also get metadata from thetvdb, I know I’ve done it before because I was researching Infuse.
It’s only because of those two series in particular that it prevents me from putting my content on Infuse, the rest all good

I very seriously doubt if Infuse will ever use TVDB again. It was a pretty major undertaking to switch to all TMDB. If you really need these two then I think your only option is to go through the TVDB names and change them to match the TMDB names.

I’d also suggest you standardize on the first option for Infuse TV naming where you would have this format
“The Flash 2014 S01E01.mkv”

Having both the series name along with the year and season number with episode number for each file will match a vast majority of the time.

Yes I will, thank you that’s all