There was a problem connecting to the server

Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 11.14.03
Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 11.13.44

So here’s the problem, I recently changed my NAS to a different IP subnet but for some reason even though i’m just using infuse as a player for dolby vision it keeps trying to fetch stuff from this ‘saved’ connection you see there.

It now keeps giving me this annoying popup all the time even in the middle of watching something and i have no way to remove or control what it’s doing it’s extremely frustrating the software just does whatever it wants and doesn’t give us control over what to fetch if to fetch and to even delete that saved connection which i didn’t even add in the first place.

There’s gotta be something i’m missing because this can’t be standard…

It looks like a folder was added to Infuse that is using macOS to connect to a different device.

If this device has moved or no longer exists, then you can remove the share from Infuse and macOS should stop trying to connect to it.

Thanks for your reply, any idea where I could find the option to remove the share from infuse as there is no obvious option for that.

You can add, remove, and edit shares in the Add Files menu (available in the top menu bar, or by typing Command + N).

Thanks : )

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