TheMovieDB Not Working

So - today access to themoviedb has stopped working on all ATV’s - any clues apart from their new API which may now require a login to access it which of course has not been written into Infuse eventhough their site plugs infuse as a 3rd party plugin :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Seems tmdb is having technical issues

Give them a day or two

Thanks Mate :slight_smile:

Your welcome! Their working on it but no word on when to expect it back. Their pretty good at exorcising demons over there so I hope it’s not too long. :slight_smile:

It’s working now.

Their not 100% back yet. Their still having issues with search. Discovery is working somewhat but don’t get too excited if they drop again.

Just hang in there.

Came here because I just uploaded some movies and almost all of them have the wrong cover art and metadata. I was like, who on Earth is uploading these random movies to my account?! Hope it’s resolved soon.

All should be good now with the folks over at tmdb doing an all day repair but let us know if you are still having issues. :slight_smile:


research does anything , not work…

(I do not speak English)

Could you give a bit more detail? Does it not find your movie automatically? Can you do an edit metadata and find the right one? How are your files named?

Also, if you don’t mind, what country are you in?

Infuse already fetched the incorrect metadata last night, so I have a handful of movies with incorrect data. If I go to edit metadata, it displays the correct filename from Google Drive at the top, but none of the suggestions are accurate. I have to manually search for the correct titles. I’m in the U.S.

95% of movies with metadata that do not match
before, no problem (600 films)
exemple film contact (1997).mkv → result → detective conan (2015) …

Ok guys - here is the problem … themoviedb is NOT working correctly - from the last time this happened it could be up to a week for things to sort themselves out - their database is obviously having to be rebuilt for some reason so half the stuff we need to populate any files on infuse is missing - if you are adding a movie them try and search for it manually at the moment. The other problem is infuse itself which once populated with and info (wrong or not) will simply keep that info forever unless you manually overwrite it. So if you have a large movie collection and you are trying to newly populate it on infuse it will prob be 50% wrong at the moment any it will stay that way … once themovidb is working properly you will need to remove all metadata and restart a scrape from new - not funny if you have 3000 movies !!! The good news is that this problem only really affects new users and those that are just adding a new movie - try and add it manually - although I have noticed that quite a lot of movies are still missing from their db. Of course tv progs scraping from thetvdb are unaffected (for a change) … no point in adding to this post any more - it’s not working and that’s it ! - one of us will post when it is properly back to normal … it’s not an infuse issue - it’s themovidb issue.

Hi, the problem seems to be for movies that have the year in the file name such as “Titanic (1997)”, “Titanic-1997” or “Titanic - 1997”. I removed the year to test and this has helped. Unfortunately it means that movies with the same name from different years will get wrongly matched. Might be worth looking at.

Personally, I’d advise against removing the year, that may work for some but I’d give tmdb a few days before starting to delete years on movies. You could be in for a lot more work if you ever have to rebuild your library without the years in the file name.

Close thread - virtually back to normal now

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