The WORST Subscription Pricing and Upgrade model

I had paid $20 for infuse pro 5 on an old apple TV - which i though had all updates included in that price, which was already a lot for a player app.

Now I can only download infuse 6 on a new apple TV (I don’t have my old one anymore) and I can’t play any content on it without paying ANOTHER fee - either a ridiculous subscription or a ridiculous “lifetime” fee, which I’m pretty sure I already paid - of AUD$120 - for a player…

So I’m locked out of my own videos, locked out of going back to what I paid for and being held to ransom for more than I pay for some streaming services that actually deliver content within a player.

How can I either get Infuse 5 pro back (which I paid for and no longer exists in the apple TV store) or play content on 6 or not have to pay $120 for it.

The pricing for this app is so confusing and outrageous. There are so many reddit posts and forum posts here about how ridiculous the upgrade/pricing is that I’m surprised the Devs are still hanging on to this infuriating pricing model.

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Put this first. Hopefully it works. Go to purchased apps and search for infuse 5. I am able to see it and download on iOS even though an App Store search doesn’t show it.

Otherwise here is some info here that might help. You can purchase standalone pro for v6 but v7 will only be subscription based. FYI, v7 will come out in the next few months. I know that exchange rates affect pricing internationally as well so it may be that rates went up just because of that. I don’t think developers specify pricing for each country. The main reason they had a standalone Pro was because family sharing didn’t work with subscriptions. This has now changed with OS 14 and presents fewer fees as a subscription than standalone version.

If you did own v5 I think you might be able to get a free year of infuse pro subscription.

If you bought infuse 5 pro that was only for that version. It was never a lifetime. If you did purchase lifetime some other way you should be able to restore it and/or find the purchase in your App Store purchase history.

Anyways going forward pricing is simple. Either you buy a monthly/yearly subscription which you can end at any point or you purchase the one-time lifetime “subscription”. This way you can always get the latest version.

I can appreciate the past options have been confusing, and as mentioned above these will be going away entirely with the release of Infuse 7.

A bit more info on what will be available going forward and the reasoning behind the choice can be found here.

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