The video and subtitles are not synchronized

When connecting Plex and playing external subtitles, the video content will not be synchronized with the subtitles, with a difference of more than 90 seconds. There is no problem when playing the Plex web page.

On what device and what version number of Infuse?

Are you saying the subtitles are over a minute and a half off? If so that sounds like it may be the wrong external subtitle file for that video.

I use 7.7.5 (7.7.4827) with MacBook now. And it’s also happened with iPad(7.7.3).

If it’s a subtitle problem, why isn’t there a problem with Plex’s web player?

If this is happening with a specific video and subtitle file combo it may be helpful send in a sample we can test and review here.

Thank you. I will upload the video and subtitles later. But the file size is 4GB.

You can upload up to 50 GB