The video about the new version is still shaking

Many days have passed since the discovery of the problem, and using the infuse player has become an indispensable part of daily entertainment, every day after work can watch a movie. But when I opened the local movie, the video picture was shaky, which made me upset. I also uploaded a defective film “Men in Black: Global Wanted” to the official, so I would like to know if our technical team has tried to fix it, or will update this issue in the next version. This problem was not found in version 7.4.10 and previous versions. When many of my local movies were opened, many didn’t play properly, but I tried other players and they did. I was sure that infuse may have changed some parameters in 7.4.10 in version 7.5, so I would like to know if it will be fixed in the next version. Because using infuse to view 4k original disk film iso has become a habit, I hope technicians can find out the reason to fix. Thanks!

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