The trouble with those lists

FYI…I’m aware of this - Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

By my count there are 3 different places where you need to go to edit what is on your home screen…

  • Favourites (for me, based upon folders on my NAS)
  • Settings – General - and then there’s an option to add the “Up next list” to your home Screen
  • The Library (but only if you have it set to show on your home screen, so you can then edit the lists)…which or me, meant having to add something back to my home screen (the library) to then remove other things (lists) from it.

This seems really confusing…particularly when so many of the lists on the home screen cannot be removed by going anywhere near settings.

I would suggest that the lists generated from library information and the “Up next” list, get moved into Settings and into an option called “Home screen lists” (or something like that)…which then moves you to another screen, with the massive list of really useful lists (I’m being genuine there…I don’t use them, but they are great) that you can turn on or off…and let’s you move them up or down in order.

Wouldn’t that at least let you know that you go to one place to manage most of your lists and that you could customise them easily?



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Good points. :slight_smile:

One thing we’ll be working to add is a way to re-order lists, and this could also allow for a more centralized place to remove them.

Adding lists will likely still need to be done through the Library, as you need to locate a category to add, and I don’t think it makes much sense to duplicate this in another area.