The total number of media libraries, Auto-refresh metadata if totals are inconsistent across devices

movie: 3000 TV: 1000 Other: 500
The three total numbers in the settings are often displayed differently between Mac and ios. Can Mac and ios share metadata cache? Through the iCloud method, because it takes a very long time to refresh the metadata every time, and it is inconsistent.

Now the libraries top will show when the library was last updated, but I have no way of knowing if all the media is synced because the numbers don’t match, it would be a lot easier if the media library in settings showed the total number of media as a whole. for example:
Last update: 8:00 today Total media: 4500
movie: 3000 TV: 1000 Other: 500

Auto-refresh metadata if totals are inconsistent across devices

Are the 500 “other” items home videos or live sports or some other content that isn’t indexable (by rule) at TMDB?

If so, might be worth removing them from the library as the library won’t be of any use for non-indexed items.

If they ought to be included in the library, but failed to be indexed for some reason; you might want to investigate why that is. Often, it’s the result of mismatches between filenames and releases years with TMDB’s own such titles and releases years.

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This 500 number is used as an example, the actual number is 50, But I don’t know which media are these 50. I don’t know if those using local metadata will belong to other

I think you can tell by going to the Library > Other and that’s where they will show up. You can inspect them there and make corrections if necessary.

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hello, in general these are files that are not idenfied correctly.

a film without the release year

or a series where the episode number or the season number is missing,

I had this problem a lot for anime.

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