The Ten Commandments

I have the BD and it looks like the movie is in 2 parts and 1 part on disc 1 and the 2nd part is in disc 2 and so I guess when I MKV it, I have to do 2 files but how is metadata going to handle 2 files of this movie? Do I need to merge the 2 files into one? I do not know how to do that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

There is a tool that is called mkvtoolnix that is able to merge all the tracks together from two different discs. I use this for this movie and LotR ones too. I think you want to “append” the tracks


Is the actual movie on two discs or is one disc the movie and the second disc the extras?

Currently Infuse doesn’t recognize 2 file movies so you’d have to join the two if they are truly two separate discs.

As munpip214 said, mkvtoolnix may be the answer if you have to join two files but often on bluray disc sets they have the feature on one and the extras on another since BR discs hold so much more.

Mine file is 61GB so it would have been on two discs.

The actual movie is in 2 discs. This is a really long movie. I guess I would give the mkvtoolnix a try but I would have to search for a video tutorial because I’ve never done one. Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that but I’ll have to search for a video tutorial for I’ve never done one.

Once you open mkvtoolnix it should be on the multiplexer tab. Select “Add source files” and pick the first mkv. Then right click on the one that got added and select “Append files” and pick the second one. Select destination file at the bottom and Start Multiplexing. It will take a while to load all the data to re-write.

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