The subtitles does not appear on the screen


Also see the following response (many problems with the subtitle option)

It seems that subtitles problems abound with infuse

A strange thing happened to me in one of the movie subtitles :: The subtitle is loaded but does not appear on the screen ::

Tested on iPhone and Apple TV ( Same problem on both versions )

Although the subtitle type is srt

Note : Tested on VLC and it appears without any problems

Name video or movies : Miss.Baek.2018.BluRay.1080p.DTS.MA5.1.x265.10bit-DreamHD

This subtitle test

The subtitles load without problems but do not appear on the screen

The encoding was changed manually inside infuse without any benefit!

1-As well as subtitle problems
When searching in other applications … reduce more subtitles for the movie … but when searching in infuse very few

2-Also another problem. . Not supporting colors (I think it’s called tag)

infuse ( apple tv ) VS Vlc (apple tv )

This vlc look support

Test this subtitle


3-I also previously raised a topic about some RTL arabic subtitles and the problem of reversing tags - and.
( Some subtitles, but not all )

4-A problem every time we change the subtitles location to match the content

These problems related to movie translations must be fixed as soon as possible and not neglected because they spoil our viewing.

(We trust you and always with you)

Infuse will do its best to detect the correct encoding, but this may not always be 100% correct. For some subtitles, you may need to manually adjust the encoding option (found in the Subtitles section of the Playback Settings menu while a video is playing).

Also, the current version of Infuse will pull subtitles from which has slightly different subtitles compared to One of the main differences is SSA/ASS subtitles (which may contain styling elements) were available on .org, but on the new .com site these have all be converted to SRT.

The .org site is set to go offline later this year, so eventually all apps will need to migrate to the new site in order to continue using the service.

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The wonderful James (we are waiting for you and with you)

As for the rest of the problems described above?

Is there a solution for it in the future and will you be interested in it in the near future? ?