The specials of Mushi-Shi cannot be found

I have Mushi-Shi.⁠S00E⁠01.The.Shadow.That.Devours.the.Sun.mkv
and Mushi-Shi.S00E⁠04.Path.of.Thorns.mkv

But on Apple TV I just can’t find them, whereas I can find it easily by myself with API

Without my Apple TV around, here is the image from my Mac of a regular episode

Even after I renamed it to Mushi-Shi.⁠S00E⁠01.mkv

It shows movies only

If I copy the filenames from your original post, it looks like there is a hidden special character in the filename, which probably causing this issue.

If I remove these, I can get Infuse to fetch the correct metadata automatically.

Wow, thanks! I totally missed that. And yes, it is working now.


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