The simpsons isn't TV show!


I’m having a problem with the Simpsons show, I can not figure a way to make it appear in TV shows section in the library! I tried every thing, changed the file name several times and tried to edit metadata several times but it is still in others section?

How can I fix this?

How about providing a sample of how you have the files named. That would help figure out what’s going on.


there are two of the files:
smb:// Simpsons/Season 28/The.Simpsons.S28E01.mp4
smb:// Simpsons/Season 28/The.Simpsons.S28E02.REPACK.HDTV.x264-KILLERS[eztv].mkv

Any suggestions?

What is actually happening. Can you provide screenshots?

Here is a screenshot

Is it only season 28 that does not work?

No all of them.

Can you post a screenshot of infuse showing the parent folder, the seasons folder and the episodes?

All the episodes are on the others folder not in TV shows

I wish I could help. I just recreated your setup and The Simmons appears fine in my library as a TV Show.

Do you have anything else in the season folders besides video files that are just that season, no extras, specials, or other files?

Just checked nothing but the simpsons files, no extras no specials.

Thanks any way, I hope someone will come with the solution

Silly thing!
I removed “The” from The Simpsons folder name and it worked

Doh! (Appropriate Response)

I have the same problem. I’ve tried everything here without success. My show is name like this: /mnt/TVShows/The Simpsons/S01/1x01…

If I click Edit Metadata and I write “The Simpsons” (without quotes) it finds lots of shows/movies but not the actual tv show.

How can I make infuse recognize it?

InFuse does not look at the folder name, so you need to include the series name as part of the filename.

You want to follow the naming standards described at Metadata 101 – Firecore if you want inFuse to recognise media correctly.

I don’t understand your message as I’m already following your standards.

“show name/any folder/S01E02.mkv”

It’s right there in the web you linked.

It recognizes all my shows because it evidently looks at the folder of the show. If I change the folder name of any of my recognized shows it stops recognizing them. There is a particular problem with the Simpsons show because it’s impossible to find them even when I try to manually edit metadata.

Looks like you are right - I missed the last few entries.

Maybe I was influenced by the fact it seems to be working OK for me and I have the series as part of the filename!

I’ll just add that when you use the file name format “The.Simpsons.S01E01.mkv” it will pick up the metadata and graphics automatically. As for naming the file just “S01E01.MKV” that may work on some but I’ve had issues with that in the past where changing the name as I showed above solved all problems.

Folder = “The Simpsons”
Sub Folder = “Season 01”
File Name = “The.Simpsons.S01E01.mkv”

I just ran a test with this and it works as advertised.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Finally I got it working. I just tried again today and it worked, so maybe it was some kind of bug.