The Orville - New horizons

On TMDB I can find the tv show of Orvilles 3rd season (The Orville: Season 3 (2022) — The Movie Database (TMDB)), but it is not shown in infuse. What can I do?

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How are your files named?

I thought it was irrelevant how I named the files. Normally I can search for the right title when editing the metatags. But nothing is found for “Orville”, no matter which season.
II had named the files with the original English titles and the German titles.

No it matters what the file name is. Infuse won’t search TV shows if the file names don’t follow the format.

If you post one of your titles we can probably help.

Ah, ok. In this case, it’s about the 1st episode of the 3rd season of “Orville - New Horizons”. The episode is called “Electric Sheep”. In german it is called “Elektrische Schafe” (Link is above)

Could you copy and paste the file name here? What is the exact file name on your server?

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If you name your file “The Orville S03E01 Elektrische Schafe.ts” Infuse will find it right away.

If you follow this format you will get 99.9% of the titles matched right from the start. Stick with the Season and Episode numbers and keep the individual seasons in their own folder and name the seasons with the number (Season 03 for the season 3 folder) it will standardize things and Infuse will work great.
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Aaaaah, magic…it works. Thank you so much


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