The old "Files" option is missing

How do we play our files now? that was a nice, quick, robust way to play local media…

Has it been moved to a menu I haven’t found yet? :slight_smile:


As additional info - I have found the files option under NitoTV, but all that does is crash aTV and reboot the AppleTV when you try to select a movies with it.


ATV Files will be added as soon as an updated version is available.

What type of file are you attempting to play when the issue appears?

I have also installed the new update and when i attempt to play any of the movies I ripped with Ripit just hangs at play title, These are all movies I had no problem playing in the past. I did find one it would play but most just sit at play title and then I need to hard reset appletv

Has the Smart Installer been ran since updating the AppleTV? This will need to be re-ran any time an AppleTV system update is installed.

Yes I did run smart installer which did shows as successful and sure it was since these files are on a external drive and couldn’t access them if it wasn’t. But prior to getting this post reply I decided to run smart installer again. Now that I ran it a second time I can run these files.

Just for reference



oh ya forgot to say Great product and support!!!