The Office (US) is displaying The Office (UK) metadata

So I have all the episodes of the American version of The Office sorted into folders by season, but the thumbnails, as well as the episode titles, show the UK version information, even though I have all the episode names set to the US version. Any way to override this or get Infuse to show the US version correctly?

Have you actually named the episodes explicitly saying it is the US version. e.g. starting something like
Looking at (which is where the metadata comes from) if you leave off the US part then the default is to select the UK one.

Not at first, but then I renamed the folder to “The Office (US)” but it didn’t change.

I was not talking about the folder but the episodes stored within it.

Oh ok, so like “The Office (US) Season 1” for the season folders, and then like “The Office (US) S01E01 - Pilot” for each episode?

I do not know if the name of the folder matters much. Mine is simply named “Season 1” and seems to work fine. It is the name of the actual episode that matters. When I tested it did not seem to matter too much whether it was “.us.” or “(us)” in the name - in both cases it appears to get the correct metadata for the US version.