The Office: Superfan Episodes

It’s possible to use IMDB for TV shows using their code, similar to how it’s done for movies.

TMDB does not support alternative editions, but IMDb does. It’s not comprehensive, but at least they have it

I’m pretty sure that when you use an IMDB code tag that it still pulls info from TMDB but verifies the right show since many on TMDB have the IMDB reference number.

There are a couple of possibilities in the works that may help address this.

The first would be addressed in this suggestions (and it’s marked as “Planned”)

Another currently running suggestion that may be an answer

This would allow you to add a tag to the extended versions and it would show up like the different versions of movies do now with tags.

Sorry that there’s not a more direct way right now.

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Do I have to turn on some setting to active the .nfo option?

I think the last time I used a .nfo file infuse didn’t were able to read the data.

Neither option is currently available. Both of those are in the suggestions forum so you may want to add your support to them by liking the first post in each.

The one that is tagged as planned would be the most likely to be implemented first and then there’d be info on how to have it work for you.

Ah, got it. Thanks

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