"The New Pope" incorrectly recognized as "The Young Pope"

This is for episode S01E01.

When editing the metadata, “The New Pope” is not available as a choice.
It is already referenced on themoviedb.org though: The New Pope (TV Series 2020-2020) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

“The New Pope” doesn’t appear to be entered yet on thetvdb. It may be a day or two before it gets entered since the first show is today.

Yes. My bad.
thetvdb.org redirects to themoviedb.org
It seems thetvdb.com is the actual source of TV show metadata.

Try it now. thetvdb has it entered. https://www.thetvdb.com/series/le-nouveau-pape

Just keep in mind, the data provided is member supplied so it may take a bit to get everything right and complete with all artwork. That being said, it now has an entry.

Yes. Some brilliant individual decided that “The New Pope” was an alias for “The Young Pope”.
Although The New Pope is a season2 for The Young Pope, the creators decided to give it a new name.

So “The New Pope S01E01” gets labeled “The Young Pope” Season 1 Episode 1, which is a totally different episode.
Let’s hope they correct it soon. Or Infuse switches to themoviedb.org for TV shows ) themoviedb.org correncly references The New Pope.

I’m glad that I recently learned how to make custom metadata for Infuse!

On the TheTVDB forums, a previous request to change “The New Pope” to a different series has been denied.
My separate post there saying that “The New Pope S01E01” was recognized as “The Young Pope S01E01” was deleted.

Any idea on how I can have “The Young Pope S01E01” correctly recognized, apart from renaming to the stupid and wrong “The Young Pope S02E01” or “The New Pope S02E01”?

Would it be difficuly to gather TV show data from TheMovieDB.org just like movies?

There is always going to be that rare case where one site will disagree with the majority of others. thetvdb has in the past been pretty reliable and having the API makes the integration into Infuse much more stable than winging one.

I don’t know your screen name on their forum but it seems that this is a lively topic that may benefit from other chiming in and you may want to keep a few entries here too The New Pope is a separate show from The Young Pope, says the network that commissioned them. TVDB disagrees? - TheTVDB.com I especially like the reference to “The Closer” and “Major Crimes” that may be the argument to expand on.

I’m just afraid that adding another source for metadata or changing sources would open a Pandora’s box of bugs and mismatches. Just my two cents (before taxes :wink: ) though.

Threw my two cents over there on this. All we can do is try. :slight_smile:

Does Infuse actually use 2 separate databases for metadata? If so, how does Infuse decide which DB to go to?

… is it based on naming conventions listed in the Metadata-101 guide?
Metadata 101 – Firecore

… does Infuse actually visit BOTH themoviedb.org and thetvdb.com ? That=t did not seem to be the case when Infuse couldn’t find my Blue Bloods episodes earlier this week:
TV Metadata issue Blue Bloods

please describe the current algorithm (at a high level is fine)

I have a movie (video) which is a compilation of several episodes which I would like recognized by Infuse.

I already wasted a bunch of time contributing this as a new title over in IMDB before realizing Infuse was not getting its information from IMDB:

I don’t have a high level algorithm description but here’s what the way I understand it.

Yes, Infuse does search two separate databases. thetvdb for Television shows and themoviedb for movies.
No it only searches one.
Yes (I’m 99.9% sure) that it decides which based on file name.
I do know that following the naming convictions laid out such as TV shows using showname S01E01.ext and movies with file names that are moviename 2020 (year released).ext do seem to work the vast majority of the time.

You can join both sites forums and enter/change the information provided within their allowed structure.

TheTVDB.com now lists The New Pope as a separate TV show .

It is still a mess in Infuse because “The New Pope” is still an alias for “The Young Pope” butTVDB says they will remove that in a few weeks, and at least we can manually edit the metadata.

I’ve been following “The Thread” over there since this started and it’s been a hoot to watch. :slight_smile: Glad they finally acquiesced but like leaves in the wind it could go back and forth a few more times till they get distracted on the next series debacle. :wink:

Thanks for the update!

In a nutshell…

If Infuse detects the file is a TV show (this requires using one of the supported TV show naming styles described in the Metadata 101 guide) it will search TheTVDB.

For everything else, it will search TMDb.

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