The need for speed...


So, I have just about everything working on my legacy Apple TV.  I've figured out Flash, Firefox, Boxee, XBMC, Air Mouse, HULU, Netflix, External 750GB HD, USB Keyboard, adding apps to the HD, Etc. and things are running pretty good.  However, there seems to be one or two little things that stand in the way of this being an excellent Media Server solution.

The first item is speed.  When viewing Hulu or Netflix the first 2 - 3 minutes is very laggy.  Once it all catches up with itsself it's fine though.  It seems there should be a way to either (a) reduce the current overheads so that there is more CPU, GPU and memory to dedicate to streaming, or (b) a way to tune or overclock the CPU and GPU of the Apple TV.  I've surfed for hours trying to get some info on things like CUDA or Ntune for the Nvidia 7300 in the little beast, or a way to potentially overclock the 1Ghz processor.  The machine was purposely underclocked to begin with so a 10% or 20% increase shouldn't cause any heating or other issues, especially if the voltage isn't increased by much.  The question is, where do I find a utility that will help me on either?  I can't even find the OSX video drivers! Neither Nvidia or Apple has them.  Also, I have a lot of music on my external HD and generally use Boxee to search and play the music.  The issue I have there is that it can take 30 seconds or more to even start searching my music, then it may lag as I'm trying to input a search.  Once the music starts playing it's great, but that can take a couple minutes.  So, I assume that's a CPU, USB lag somewhere.  I'd like to speed that up as well.

Secondly, I use three input devices depending on what app I'm in.  Air Mouse in FF, Boxee and XBMC, the Apple remote in the native interface and the keyboard for certain apps that require a lot of text input.  I'd like to consolidate but don't want to end up using my iPhone as the device.  I'd like an inout device that sits near the Apple TV that anybody could use.  Has anybody consolidated on something?

I'd like to start brain storming on the speed and input control issues.  Please reply with any tidbits and let's get the ball rolling.






Seriously... nobody has any of the speed issues I outlined?  Nobody has put any thought into speeding the Apple TV up a hair?  Nobody has considered consolidating all of the various input devices into a single useful and generic device?

C'mon, let's get some thoughts and idea's brewing here... jeez.