The movie name contains symbols, Not recognized properly

As an example

This movie name contains the symbol "

When I titled the movie [My Friend “A”] or [My Friend A] , The information identified is wrong

截屏2022-04-04 13.34.20

Try naming the file

My Friend A 2018.mkv

Adding the year will often help find the correct movie.

I also tried this method, no effect, sad

Did you do an “Edit Metadata” and select the correct movie after you changed the name?

Just check, when you do an edit metadata the correct movie will be the second choice.

Oh, of course the custom editors can get the correct information

I would like to explore the possibility of getting the correct information automatically by naming it correctly

Once you do the correction Infuse will keep the correction. You won’t need to do it again.

Infuse will get the vast majority of movies correct the first time if you include the year.

If you want to have Infuse find it the first time without having to do an edit you can name the file

友罪 2018.mkv

That will pull the correct info without having to do anything.

Ok Thank you for your reply

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