The Mandalorian

Has anybody managed to get this to show up correctly infuse yet? Filenames seem correct but just showing as a blank poster.

Have you tried to do an edit metadata this afternoon? thetvdb has been struggling to get things back to normal but there are still some issues.

If not, maybe give it a day or two to allow their servers to get caught up with the new API.

How do you have the files named?

There are currently a lot of issues with metadata.
This is due to a TheTVDb migration that James described here: Issues with TV show metadata fetching - Updated 1/11/20
Although the status for TheTVDb now shows green , metadata is still all over the place for my Infuse library and manually editing metadata in Infuse does not help.

Might explain it then.

File names are
The Mandalorian S01E01
The Mandalorian S02E02

Seems to have messed up a few other shows also and grouped them into an unknown folder

Yeah I’m having the same issues. Mandalorian merged with South Park into a folder with 0 as a name and renamed the episodes…
Thanks for the headsup - I almost wiped metadata…

Thanks for the info…My TV Show metadata is in a real mess, sadly.
The upermost cover art images for a show is missing on loads of instances now. A manual refresh of the metadata on individual season episodes helps in some cases.
Also I have different language cover art showing now against shows such as Breaking Bad and the IT Crowd as well as The Mandalorian
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if things sort out.

TheTVDb is still working to sort out a few issues related to artwork.

If you are seeing issues with series being combined in Infuse, you can use the Edit option in Infuse on the affected series. This will refresh metadata for the entire series, which should get things sorted out. Note: You’ll only need to do this once per series.

All individual seasons within the TV Shows for me now look to have sorted out. Its just the high level images for the total TV shows that are either of different language images or appear to be fan art type? I have set the metadata language to both “auto” and “English” with the same results.
When refreshing individual episodes or seasons that “high level” image has refreshed in some TV show’s cases but not all.
At least things are improving,

This issue appears to be resolved, at least for the affected series we have seen here.

In particular, The Mandalorian artwork is now correct.

Yes most are now sorted out.
Titles I have issues with still are:
The Walking Dead
Planet Earth.
Certainly The Mandalorian is now sorted.

Thanks, it seems to be solved. I’ve edited the Recently Added and the A’s, still a lot to go…

Just refreshed the metadata on those remaining titles and now all good.

I concurr. All Shows have correct posters again

I still have issues on Apple TV and iOS/iPadOs

“The Mandalorian” is mixed up with episodes from “Tin Star”.
The files for both shows are in different directories and the filenames follow the schema “Showname SxxExx.mkv”
But if I klick on The Mandalorian Poster, infuse shows me alle Mandalorian episodes and all Tin Star episodes from the first season.

If you are seeing this, please use the Edit option on the affected series. Doing this will refresh the metadata, which should clear things up.

Hi James,

I tried this yesterday several time,but it had no effect.
Now I did it again, and the things where cleaned up. Thanks.

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