The Loop Pointer

Is pretty cool. Just got it yesterday and played with it a bit this morning but so far VERY impressive vs. the other remote options.

Thanks aTV Flash Team!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I got one of these also, and after a false start have now got it working, and agree that it is a quite cool interface device.

My remaining issue is I need to almost always enlarge the display of web pages (press and hold the right arrow while in the right mode) using Couch Surfer, and I do not know how to accomplish this with the loop, nor do I even know how to get to that scroll only mode without deselecting the loop mode that makes the loop device work correctly.

I can make it all work, but it requires two remotes and several steps and I hate that.

Also, the status light is now constantly blinking indicating startup. Is this because it is waiting for loop input?

But mostly, thanks so much for the prompt update to 3.6.1 to make it all work. World class good service and I appreciate it very much.

Unfortunately the enlarge feature is not currently supported when in Loop mode. We’ll see if we can find a way to add it in a future version.

Also, regarding the blinking amber light, this occurs when a USB device is connected when the AppleTV is powered on. Connecting the Loop USB dongle after the AppleTV is powered on should resolve the issue.

I agree! It’s a SWEET device!

My only problem is that my wife doesn’t care for it so it sits in it’s package. This thing was $100 but I’m willing to let it go for less. Make me an offer and it’s yours.


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