The loading time is too long when Infuse starts


I noticed that when I add an Emby server with direct mode and sort screen-pinned items, Infuse will have a long loading time every time it’s launched, and it only has the ‘Recently Played’ tab to choose from. I was hoping Infuse could remember the items already obtained from the Emby server and automatically add or delete files after comparing them with the data on the Emby server.

When connecting to a media server like Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex Infuse will always display metadata from the server instead of fetching its own from TMDB. The difference with Direct Mode is this info does not need to be pre-cached and stored in a local library on the device. Everything is fetched on an as-needed basis, on-the-fly.

If you want Infuse to store previously fetched info you need to use the library mode instead of direct. :wink:

How many servers do you have connected to Infuse and how many lists are pinned to the Home Screen?

In a quick test here with 3 media servers, a number of library connections, and 13 total lists pinned to the Home Screen Infuse loads within about a second on an iPhone 15 Pro.

I only have one Emby server (named BLACKCAT) to choose from, and I’ve added 10 lists pinned to the Home Screen. I suspect the server’s location is in the US, while I’m in CN, so the long distance might be causing this situation. Details are included in the attachments. Is there any chance of improving this situation?

I removed the details since you may not want some of that in public. :wink:

Thank you very much. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. The information I provided should suffice to describe the situation I am encountering. If you need any further details, I will provide them as soon as possible.

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If there is a high latency between the server location and yourself this may lead to a short delay before lists are loaded into Infuse.

We are planning some improvements to the home screen itself which could help with cases like this. One thing you can try for now is to reduce the number of lists on the home screen, as this may allow things to load a bit quicker since there are fewer requests Infuse would need to wait on the server to handle.