The Library Count for Movies, TV Episodes, and Other are all 0 (zero)

In settings under library the Movies, TV Episodes, and Other all read zero for their count. Do I simply select Refresh Metedata?

Navigating the folders I see all my movies, TV episodes, etc. , just 0 on the count.

First, do you have check marks next to any of the shares below the “Refresh Metadata” button on that screen?

Do you have a check mark beside “Show Library” on that screen?

Next question, what protocol are you using to connect to your shares? SMB, DLNA, FTP, etc?

Last question, do you have “Metadata Fetching” turned on in the main Settings screen?

Yes, I have check marks next to all of the shares.

Yes , I have a check mark next to “Show Library”

SMB is the protocol connecting to the shares.

Yes, Metadata Fetching is turned on.

I can see and play all my movies, and TV series. I see the posters and metadata, and I’ve added new ones with this issue. It just doesn’t have the count of movies, etc.

On the library settings screen below the Movies/TV Episodes/Other, is there a message there? If so what is it?

Is this Infuse 6 Pro or the free Infuse 6?

Have you tried a Scan For Changes?

The message below the Movies/TV Episodes/Other is “Last Update: Today, 7:35 PM”

I have a annual subscription, running Infuse Pro 6.5.2 (3282)

Yes, I’ve Scan for Changes several times.

When you do the scan for changes, what does the last updated message do?

It changes to “Fetching content for Links”, then “Fetching content for BDN-Storage”, after several seconds it states “Fetching Up Next List”, then "Fetching Artwork for BDN-Storage (3 of 5), then Last Update: Today, 8:27 PM

Does it every say something like “Syncing to iCloud”? (if not, do you have iCloud Sync turned on?)

I know this is a pain but trying to troubleshoot without seeing what’s happening means for me I have to ask lots of questions. Sorry but this is a strange problem and I’m curious as to what’s going on.

Could you do a screen shot of the other side of the Library settings screen below the Refresh Metadata button?

It didn’t on that specific “Scan for Changes”. So I verified iCloud Sync was turned on, it was. I then turned it off and back on. When I went back to the Library menu it was running a iCloud Sync, it then completed with all the fetching steps, finishing with the Last Update…

Don’t worry I was in IT support for 30+ years…

Don’t judge…

Okay, silly question. I know you said you could see the videos in their main screen share but can you play them?

Silly question part two, on the main screen do you have a Library favorite showing and if so, anything in it under the various sections?

Yes I can see and play them. I open Movies, see the listing with artwork, I can open a movie and see the Metadata of the movie, I can then play the movie.

I only have one of the Library favorites selected (NewRelease) to the main screen, and yes it lists out the movies with their poster and metadata.

AH HA! I figured it out. I have two subscriptions one for the house setup and one for the RV setup. I don’t use the RV setup (AppleTV, Router, & HD) a lot. So occasionally I bring it into the house to sync the House & RV HDs together and then update the RV Infuse metadata, as well as other updates because I don’t have internet in the RV.

One of those “other” updates was to update the AppleTV OS to 14.0.2. After the update I checked for other updates and then ran Infuse. At which point there was no Movie/TV Episodes/Other counts.

I did what I use to tell all my customers, REBOOT! That fixed the count issue…

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LOL Good because my next suggestion was going to be sacrificing a chicken on top of your ATV.

So all is good again?

YEP! :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Thanks for seeing it through.

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