The infuse appletv 4 showed cleaning.

Yesterday at the icon of Infuse if you up the appletv 4 showed cleaning the stop and when I entered had no library nor the last thing seen.

As if it had been installed for the first time now is scanning the content.

Not the location of the folders have been deleted but if the icon of the folders that had changed manually.

It has been 2 days looking for content in a library of 3800 films and 300 series.

Full erasure occurs to me since I infuse 5 is frustrating with infuse 4 has never happened to me but I am in the 5 for the search option if it weren’t for that as I had uninstalled it.

It is a good program, but you will be back when I want to see a film I have to wait more 1 h to have it look for what’s new.

Everything is well appointed and with covers in addition to the nfo file.

Horrible that don’t know how to not let the system as you infuse 4 but added the search engine.

Also an option that you can search each time as you infuse the AppleTV 2.

Sorry to hear you are running into trouble.

Do you have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled by chance? If so, you may try disabling this and ensuring ‘Metadata Fetching’ is also enabled. This combination will provide the fastest fetching results.

With regard to the Library being emptied, we resolved a rare issue related to this in 5.5, so I’d recommend installing this update to ensure you are able to take advantage of this fix. Aside from that, the Apple TV itself can purge data from Infuse (and other apps) from time to time if it detects other apps need space. Unfortunately we don’t have much control over cases like this as this purge is done on the tvOS level. Fortunately, with Infuse 5 your settings are saved in iCloud so everything will be restored automatically the next time Infuse is opened.

If I have the settings as you says.

And I have only installed on the appletv infuse and the App by default only use Apple TV to watch films with infuse and synology have nothing more installed.
I’m occurs many times but this time to erase icons that come by default I had a photo of film instead of the Favorites star all that disappeared.

Loss of the database never happened the infuse 4 but is infuse 5 happens much.

Since he left me to happened about 10 times more or less but this time it was more serious.