The Infuse 4.x Apple TV Thoughts and Ideas thread!

Hi All!

Now that James has announced the completion of the Infuse 4.0 beta phase, I thought it was a good idea as per his suggestion to create a new thread to discuss the future development of Infuse 4.0 for Apple TV.

As a valued member of this community you help drive and shape the future development of this amazing product. Thank you!

The release schedule with planned updates is outlined below for reference:

Additions/fixes planned for 4.0.1

  • Add 10 sec video seeking when tapping edges of touch pad
  • Ability to clear recently watched
  • Separate Dolby & DTS passthrough settings
  • Scroll down from bottom of grid view to get to the top
  • Minor UI improvements

Features planned for 4.1

  • Watched/unwatched indicators
  • Dark mode option
  • Custom artwork for favorite icons

Features planned for 4.x

  • Library view w/ deep folder scanning
  • List view
  • Search
  • iCloud library sync

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on how Infuse should evolve into the ultimate media centre for your tvOS device!

A similar thread was created ten or so days ago here: Infuse for aTV4 - Feature Request/Wish List - Apple TV - Firecore. It has already been populated with many suggestions by many users, so perhaps it might be better to continue this idea there.