The Home Screen Favorite Items Aligned Too Low at Launch

I’ve been using Infuse Pro 7.4.5 (4251) for a while without an issue, but I just updated to tvOS 16.0 (20J373) and now when I launch Infuse for the first time (and by “launch for the first time” I mean that I click the Infuse icon at the Apple TV home screen at such a point in time when Infuse is not listed in the tvOS app switcher), the array of Favorite items is rendered at an incorrect location. If I then navigate away from the Infuse home screen (for example to the Infuse settings) and back, the issue is fixed.

The first screenshot shows the Infuse home screen initially, and the second screenshot shows it after I’ve navigated away from the Infuse home screen and then come back:

Thanks for the report!

I’m seeing the same thing here when the Up Next List option is disabled.

We’ll be looking into this.

This has been resolved in today’s 7.4.6 update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!

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