The Future for ATV Flash

Can you comment on the future of ATV Flash in view of probable changes in the Apple TV device architecture?

While there has been no official announcement to what the next AppleTV hardware or software will look like, we are committed to developing for the AppleTV platform and will continue to do so.

I dunno about you guys, but I’ve got to wonder where the AppleTV is headed given the recent announcement on Apple’s website about their new Apple Mini…HDMI built-in and upgradable to 8Gb RAM. I know the AppleTV (specifically with ATVFlash installed) is an awesome entertainment box, but it certainly makes any decisions regarding future purchases all the more difficult…LOL

A big advantage the AppleTV has going for it is its cost.

AppleTV $229 vs $699 for a mini.

Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more. Also, a lot of what the new Mini may “bring to the table” on the Media Centre front is based on existing functionality in an ATVFlash implementation of the ATV as it currently stands.

My “Apple loving” friends are staggered at what my ATV can do and most of them have been trying to do something similar with either a PC or Mac. The only difference where they do succeed is in the ability to create their own DVR functionality. As I’ve said to them many times, I’m trying to do my level best to avoid watching TV and focus on the movies and music I enjoy…

now hear me out on this, if i what to turn my new macmini into a appleTV.
main advantage
bigger HD
better processor (boxee runs better in my mini than it it does on my appletv)
more apps (things like skype now be easyly run from the mini)

how just thing about it for a sec, your mini is now a appltv, no need for a mouse and keyboard, with the same manu as atv flash…
build on that