The Future for a JailBroken aTV2

Having gone through a couple of days of jailbreaking and finally installing aTV Flash (black) beta on my Apple TV2, I now have to decide what I should do to get to my objective of having a reasonable entertainment centre. I got XBMC and NitoTV which came with the aTV Flash package. Hulu is broken. Many of the other links either do not work or error messages about script keep popping up. Same problems in NitoTV. I just wanted a set-up where I can watch on my TV, the same things I watch on the computer. That’s Hulu and other main network sites without too much interference with error messages and other such annoyances. So, last night I tried PlayOn which I have used before to stream to the Wii. This works like a charm. I’ve read all the stuff on the forums and its more than confusing. If I was just doing this as a hobby and tinkering around, XBMC and plugins like the one from BlueCop might be interesting, but that’s not my objective. Yes, I have the BlueCop plugin and its mostly a mess. Particularly when you find out that it wouldn’t be updated or supported. I think we need some simple clear advice from fireCore as to what we should be doing after we install their software. First, are we going to get most of the “other” stuff that was available on aTV Flash for the first generation Apple TV? And what additions should we plug-in to watch videos from Hulu and other major network sites? All thie thrashing round on a miriad of suggestions on forums is not too helpful. Anyway, thanks to the fireCore team for opening up the HockeyPuck!!

Forgot to point out a “minor” difference with PlayOn. You have to have it running on another PC/Computer on the network. A PlayOn installable on aTV2 would be fantastic!