The danged update killed Hulu on Boxee

Just installed the latest ATV-Flash. Hulu no longer works. I’ve tried (from what I can surmise) is everything, including a full restore of ATV, upgrade to the latest ATV native software, full reinstall of ATV flash, including reinstallation of everything included with that, latest upgrades of Boxee, Launcher, all the available Nito components, codecs, as well as Flash and the other extras

I reinstalled Flash and the proper framework files from Tiger. Flash is now functional (confirmed via the Adobe test page in CouchSurfer.)

In Boxee, CBS, WB, MTV, and YouTube work.

This is good, but the two things I use Hulu the most for are fails:
In Hulu, after selecting a show, the browser opens, small screen attempts to go full screen, reverts to small screen, I get audio, but no video.
In Comedy Central, after selecting a program, I get a full (black) screen, but no video/audio.

Yuck. Everything was perfect before I upgraded.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

I have the exact same symptoms. Rebooted everything, updated everything…no change. Hulu audio plays, video shows as above. Any ideas?

Same here :frowning:

I’m not sure what is going on. We’ll have to see if it is an aTV Flash problem or a Boxee/Hulu problem. I’m sure the developers are talking and/or looking into the problem.

Re: boxee/hulu problem, can anyone else confirm that the issue also occurs with Comedy Central, as I’ve experienced?



Samesame. Consider it confirmed.

Boxee/Comedy Central is a hit and miss. Some of them work some dont…

Nothing changed in the last update with regard to Boxee. The files installed by aTV Flash only allow you to install and launch Boxee. Once Boxee is running, it is 100% Boxee.

I will see if the problem can be replicated here, and what a possible fix might be.

Thanks for checking out the problem! I guess it only involves a relatively small number of users…but of course, when you are among the small number, its a pretty big deal.

I’m having the exact same problem. Tried wiping out my \frontrow\library\application support\boxee folder which did clear my user settings but the problem still exists. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It seems to be a widespread Boxee specific issue. Latest word is “they are working on a fix”

No sure if this is the case now but Im able to watch Hulu again without doing anything. Im still using the same 3.5.4 version and nothing else has changed. I surfed around Hulu using Boxie and I am able to watch movies again in full screen. Im presuming this might be a Hulu issue that could have fixed our problem.