The Courier 2021 marked as the 2019 movie

On all my devices The Courier 2021 gets identified as The Courier 2019 even though the file name is The.Courier.2021.2160p.mkv

Can anyone help me find why this is miss-identified?

If you do an edit metadata does it give you the choice of the right version?

I just duplicated the file name you have and it did the same for me. Why? No clue, but if you do select the edit metadata it does give you the correct movie in the selections so you can correct it and that correction should be saved so you won’t have to do it again.

Probably an error in the TMDB database or search engine.

Yes I have manually edited it. But then when I added a 1080p version of it, it reclassified the 2160p version and the new 1080p as The Courier 2019. A bit annoying. Any other info I can add to the name so it will stick? I want to avoid having to edit it manually after a device reset or when I buy a new device and it needs to re-index all my stuff.

Infuse gets its order from tmdb. See results below. There was a separate release in 2021 (Spain) and it is more popular (for now). Anyways you have to manually edit each unique file.

That still doesn’t explain why TMDB doesn’t give the correct movie when you have the year included in the file name. The popularity normally only comes into play when you don’t specify year. For example, if you have just “The Courier.mkv” then the 2019 movie would make sense but when you have “The Courier 2021.mkv” it shouldn’t have to be edited to get the correct release. It works that way with other movies that have the same exact name but different year releases.

I still think that TMDB is broke on this title. There has been a ton of changes to that record on TMDB so it may not have a glitch related to the changes.

I’ve had issues with them before for other movies. I filed a ticket and they said this is how the search with year works. :man_shrugging:t3: Considering that the new one hasn’t been released on dvd/blu-ray I’m guessing it will switch over later this year. Popularity probably includes people viewing, rating, adding to lists.

I am having the same problem now with
Romeo & Juliet 2021 Romeo & Juliet (TV Movie 2021) - IMDb which by default gives me the DiCaprio version from 1996 even though the file name is Romeo & Juliet (2021) 1080p.mp4

I really don’t get how it can ignore the year. How the hell will it understand common movie titles or remakes without the year.

Take out the “TV Movie” part and it should work. If you want put that after the year.

That’s just the IMDb link that gets the title automatically. My naming is bolder in the end which is what you suggested and it doesn’t work :confused:

Sorry, goofed and had to re-read your post.

Try taking out the “&” and replace it with “and”.

My bad. Sorry I didn’t read as close. Yes apparently TMDb ignores “&” but understands that “and”…

I’ve found several movies that the “&” will hose up the metadata fetch, it’s one of those characters that seems to confuse the search results.

I just did a test and with “and” instead of “&” and it pulled the 2021 version without having to do an edit.