The best screen for Infuse

Which screen coupled with Infuse provides the closest to original viewing experience? Is it an iPad Pro, a MacBook Pro, or a specific brand of TV?

My collection is entirely composed of unmodified disk rips.

On a subjective question like this it will be the one that looks best to you.

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I intentionally avoided asking for the “best” viewing experience. I know that is subjective. I am asking from a technical stand-point.

I am sure the Infuse team does a ton of testing on every platform using a variety of devices. Out of these which ones would the team say is closest to the “reference” quality.

I fully agree with @NC_Bullseye, at the end of the day the best is what you enjoy the most.

However for the sake of argument:

– Both latest MacBook Pros (M1 Pro and newer) and iPad Pro have a mini-led screen (LCD technology). This means better contrast and less blooming than “standard” LCD screens. They are also the only Apple devices compatible with DV (along with iPhones maybe ?)

– TV wise, I personally prefer oleds (better contrasts, no blooming but lower luminosity than LCDs although this year’s models look promising):

— Panasonic Oleds are known to have the “best” picture out of the box (here best = coverage of color spaces and colors closer to what your eyes would expect in real life and color fidelity to source material in director mode).
However, the latest Sony’s and LG’s also have great performance in this regard.
If you’d like more technical information from someone wiser than me I suggest you have a look at Vincent Teoh’s videos on the subject.

— In terms of video compatibility I know Panasonics can handle both DV and HDR10+.

— In terms of sound compatibility all TV brands can now handle Dolby but very few also handle DTS (latest LG oleds do). Which is not really a problem here since Infuse convert those to LPCM anyway

Disclaimer: this is a limited and somewhat biased post. I have always been more partial to Panasonic. Hopefully people with other tv brands can chip in.

I run an LG OLED in Game mode, swear by it, no additional correction, processing etc, dont modify the colours at all, set ATV up to match original frame rate and dynamic range.

IN MY OPINION…that is the best viewing experience and Tom Cruise said so… Tom Cruise 'Motion Smoothing' PSA - YouTube

Well he commented on motion settings, but I run with everything off and the easiest was to do that is use GAME mode, at least on my tele it disables the lot.

To build on what you just said, the film-maker mode is also one of the modes that’ll display content as close as possible to what the creator intended.

I’m curious, what did you think of it on your tv ?

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I’ve not tried it to be honest.

I have 4 devices going into my AV Receiver which all pass to one input on the TV, one of which is a PS5, Game mode set on the one input just seems the most reliable and close to original, it’s only my opinion and what works for me though. Switch it on and forget about setting paralysis or changing settings depending on what you are watching. Sure I could use multiple inputs and set for each but I hate ARC.

I’m my experience it also avoids having to screw around with audio sync, I’ve found additional TV processing/correction/reduction based settings cause an inconsistent processing time from title to title resulting in an audio sync that will never match from one thing to the next. I hate audio out of sync, Game mode just seemed to solve all my problems, I’ve used it on every tv for years. I’m probably missing out on something else but in my opinion it’s the best experience for me.

Well, as far as I know game mode is way off in terms of color, sharpening etc
So for a more accurate (as in closer to the directors’ intent) picture stick to some of the special image modes an LG provides.

Nah it’s ok dude, it’s Game all the way for me.

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