Thanks to the team of Firecore

Usually we leave a message on the forum to talk about a problem, today with this message I just wanted to say thank you.

There is nothing perfect in this world and there are always adjustments to make and firecore does it very well with their many updates, IMHO.

I have several multimedia box (Android OS) at home (Zidoo X20 PRO, Egreat A11, etc…) every one of them has defaults and quality, but none can do the job properly for my daily use, there are updates but often they add problems rather than solve them…

I discovered (on the forum the Apple TV 4K with Infuse PRO, and seen good comments, I decided to buy one and buy also infuse PRO

After a few days of use, I’m happy with my purchase, I can finally watch my videotheque (HD / UHD) without problems of any kind.

I lost support for BD menu and Atmos / DTS X, but I have to say it was worth it.

I do reviews on several forums, and people asked me if the image quality was as good as on the Zidoo Z9S/10/X20 PRO (RTD1295/96).

I use the following setting with my Apple TV 4K (see attachments)

  • 4K SDR (and the Apple TV switch in HDR as needed)
  • RGB High (my Sony 4K HDR is not compatible ‘’ FULL ‘’, and gives me a bad picture quality, otherwise I also try the 4.4.4 YcBcR and not seen difference with the RGB High)
  • Dynamic range : ON
  • Frame Rate : ON

I compared my zidoo X10 (FW 2.0.25/ HT 2.0) with the Apple TV/Infuse PRO, the 2 boxes are connected to the receiver and uses the same port HDMI on the TV (the 2 boxes have the same settings TV).

I used Demo UHD HDR and movies UHD HDR/ HD (ISO,Remux,etc…)

The Picture Quality is similar and even better because with apple TV / infuse we have no problem banding as with the Zidoo.

There is a post-processing of the picture with the RTD 1295 (Zidoo, Zappiti, Dune) and the picture is more sharpness by default, but by adjusting the sharpness in the options of my Sony TV we get the same sharpened.

For those who want the DTS X, forget the Apple TV 4K / Infuse…and for the Dolby Atmos, if I do not make a mistake it will be available this fall with a free update but we still do not know if it will be available in passthrough with third-party applications or only for itunes, Netflix, etc …

For now, formats like TrueHD, DTS-HD MA and PCM can be sent from Apple TV to a receiver via LPCM without loss of quality.

For now and with my daily use (ISO / remux / etc …), no complaints about Infuse PRO, i can watch the movies of my videotheque without worries.

See you

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Thanks for the kind words and detailed comparisons.

I’m very glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far. :slight_smile:

Hello James,

You are welcome,

a) People on the French forum ‘’ ‘’ have noticed a framerate problem with the 24hz and Europacorp studio movies, i have not yet had the time to check by myself, but I will do it this week.

b) whether with infuse PRO or HT 2.0(zidoo X20 pro), they choose this poster with the collection ‘‘Le Gendarme de St Tropez’’, both uses TMDB.

  • I wrote to tmdb to inform them that the poster collection of Gendarne St Tropez is not good…but what is really practical is that with zidoo HT 2.0, there is an option to choose his poster collection :

Maybe one day, infuse pro will also have this option available…

See you

I agree with Olivier :wink:
Firecore team does a great job, and James is always available to help us :wink:

In essence, I agree with the positive words that have been said. Firecore deserves a lot of praise. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. They have made the best solution for local content playback that exists in the world today. Period.
  2. They have a forum with a responsive, serious and polite James who uses a lot of resources to communicate directly with the users.

These two factors combined make me cheer on Firecore and wish to be a loyal customer.

But, as with just about all other products, there are also shortcomings:

  1. Although James is responsive, he could be even more responsive at times. The responsiveness seems a little selective. Sometimes topics that’s annoying or worrying for users should be commented more quickly.
  2. Sometimes priorities are difficult to understand. For example, video post-processing and sharpening options arrives late, and it is incomprehensible that features like translucent background to subtitles don’t get implemented or commented. Sometimes I miss an answer with reasoning why Firecore choose not to implement common features that many demand.

Thanks costaud,

Hello Videoman,

I do not know how the firecore team works…

I have a little experience as beta tester for Chinese boxes, in general all the problems are grouped according to priority and difficulty,
some are easy to solve and others take longer.

James can not answer all the messages, which does not mean he has not read them.

You talk about adding an option to increase sharpness, for me it is better not to add this option and make the adjustments with the options of the TV,
we often have a better result than having a post-treatment of the image, I had the experience between the Zidoo and the Egreat.

The one thing I know for sure that it’s not easy for techs when they look for solutions to solve the different bugs.

In any case congratulations to firecore to give an overview of what they will add / solve with future versions of Infuse

See you

Hi all, I just agree with everything. I have used and tried other hardware and software. The weirdest are actually android media players with that unbelievable thing, called Kodi. People are presenting it on hundreds of videos on YouTube. I even tried to follow explanations step by step. And was never successful. Even not with easy things.
With infuse everything works like a piece of cake. It’s most easy to use, plays back everything, and is looking beautiful. I am looking forward to the video tweaking functions. My former media player the mede8er had that, and it made the picture more vivid and deep. It was and is still is a good player. But can’t compete with Infuse.
So thanks to all at Firecore. Looking forward. :slight_smile:

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