Thanks for the Home Screen Refresh in 5.8.1

Just wanted to say thanks for the new home screen refresh button/update status icon! Looks great and very unobtrusive. Perfect layout.

Nice to be able to see when it’s active on the home screen vs having to navigate to the settings or library to check.


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Does this button correspond with the new update stating “Instant updates from plex”? Just wondering if it ties into that feature or how that works now? I’ve been dying to cut the plex app and be able to use solely Infuse.

Sort of…

The new refresh button can be used for updating info from Plex, or any other devices. However, in 5.8.1 Infuse now auto-updates from Plex automatically as soon as changes are made, so you don’t actually need to tap the button when using Plex. When updating, the refresh icon switches to a spinner.

For non-Plex shares, auto-updates occur when opening the app.

Hi James, whenever I add a movie/TV Show to my Plex server, infuse 5.8.1 does not instantly update my library automatically when the infuse app is running in the background and my Apple TV is asleep, why is this? I still need to open infuse for auto updates to occur just like before 5.8.1.

Infuse will still need to be open in order to update from Plex or other servers.

Ah ok cheers, I thoughts it meant the second I open infuse everything should already be loaded from my Plex server and there’s no wait time for my movies/TV to show up.

That will be because inFuse is not actually running if it is in the background (it is suspended). It will update when it is bought back to the foreground, but the changes introduced in 5.8.1 should make this happen when connected to Plex more rapidly than was previously the case.

Yeah makes sense, thanks

I like the refresh status indicator on the home screen, but updates from my Plex server are still extremely slow in comparison to the default Plex iOS/tvOS clients which update more or less instantly. Playback is perfect for me fwiw.

Just to clarify, the changes in 5.8.1 apply to Infuse knowing when to check for new content. Previously this was on a fixed schedule (when opening the app, every hour, etc…) but now Plex will notify Infuse when stuff is added/changed so it can pick it up right away.

It will still take a few seconds for Infuse to pull down the info for the new videos. If you are seeing something longer than this and have a chance to send in a report, we’d love to look into it further. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

I am seeing times that exceed a few seconds, but the size of my Plex library probably makes me somewhat of an edge case/outlier. After using 5.8.1 for a few days it certainly seems to be an improvement.

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