Thanks for caching SHSH blobs iFaith/Cydia! (5.2.1 downgrade to 5.2)

I made the mistake of restoring my apple tv 2nd gen. in itunes.  I had done this before then immediately used Seas0npass to jailbreak.  However, I quickly realized I was ‘boned’ when I saw there was only a tethered jailbreak for 5.2.1.

I have my computer and TV several feet apart and its rather annoying to cart my desktop over by my TV everytime I restart it.

How I downgraded?

1. First I used iFaith to grab cached SHSH blobs for my device.  I found 5.0.1, and 5.2. Downloaded.

2. I used iFaith to build a IPSW with the SHSH’s I downloaded in Step 1.  I downloaded the firmware/ipsw from

3. Used iReb to put the device into DFU, shift + clicked restore in iTunes and success! I hooked my Apple TV up to my TV set and saw Firmware 5.2!

I also added:

to my C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\Hosts file.  Not sure if that step matters or not.

All I have to do now is jailbreak it with Seas0npass.  Hopefully this helps someone else.


Brilliant!! was able to get back to 5.0.2

ianr.2497 hi, you didnt before the shsh blobs saved ? for found that cached files?

That is right.  I have NEVER cached my SHSH blobs.  I was completely surprised and it was a last ditch effort before I bought another Apple 2G off kijiji (I really love my XBMC + Live TV).



Make no mistake u2pop, his blobs were saved either unknowingly by him or by the person he bought the AppleTV from. One has to have saved blobs from their own device in order to jailbreak other than 5.2.1 and 4.4.2, both of which are tethered.

yeah i thinked they got shsh blobs saved before didnt worked for me anywhere, just waiting a untethered jb for 5.2.1



I’ve tried the exact same thing that you have, with the exact instructions that you’ve provided. Aside from a few niggles, it has worked!! Somehow my blobs were also saved from version 5.2, even though I physically never did this myself.


Thank you so very much.

Lucky folks!  I’m jealous. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s not magic.  As mentioned above, if you happened to use iFaith and Cydia even once, for nearly every release thereafter Cydia would do a query using all the ATV2 unique CUIDs that were uploaded to their site prior and save them… kinda like a public service. 

There was a bit of a scandal where Cydia, after release ATV 5.1 aka iOS 6 - 10A406e (can’t recall the exact release) forgot to request something called an APTicket which is also required to JB, but did not save them along with the SHSH blobs.  So any release thereafter didn’t have them to JB, which was required.  Anyhoo… anything before a certain release was good. 

So thank Cydia (for saving them for you) or your prior owner for using Cydia at one point in time! 

Aren’t happy endings nice sometimes? :smiley: