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Thank you

In-app version might require an internet occasional to verify the subscription. This is completely transparent to you. This might cause a problem if you have an Apple TV that isn’t connected to the internet.

The other different is you get free major version upgrades when they come available.

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Also What does this mean: “ability to extract the package file and resell it by only paying for it once.”? you have wrote about these.

piracy associated with the jailbreak scene. Not good stuff.

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Hi James,
In-App Lifetime Purchase need internet connection, standalone Infuse pro doesn’t need. JarvisMeier wrote above.
Is it the only difference?

Apple does verify in-app purchase and subscriptions sometimes, but this is usually done when installing an update, which requires you to have internet anyways.

If you were to use the device 100% offline, you should’t run into any trouble with the lifetime license. With a monthly/annual subscription, you would need to connect once in awhile so Apple can let the app know your subscription is still active.