Thank You Firecore

Hello Buddies,

I like you very much, I like your soft but unfortunately, I had to re-install the app on my apple TV tonight and what’s my surprise ? The app tells me to buy a monthly or annual (sorry i’m french) payment to continue to see my videos on my Synology nas.

I bought 15 months ago the 5.0 version with no doubt. I loved your soft, I think it was OK to pay for the improvments. But tonight, My wife and me were having the time to see a movie (my childrens were sleeping which is very rare), we were ready and… and a fucking screen on my apple tv tells me to buy a week, a monthly or an annual payment for a soft that I already buy last year.

Instead, the app works for my ipad and my iphone ?!

I’m upset, really.

Thank you but not thank you


Welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Do you recall how you originally purchased Pro in Infuse 5? Pro is available as both an In-App option or standalone paid app. Both have the same features, but they are different so you just want to be sure you are reinstalling the same version you originally purchased.

A bit more info on the differences can be found here.

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