Tethered to untethered

Sorry if it’s been asked but i’m a bit stuck.


I have a tethered jailbreak on 5.3 and want to make it an untethered jailbreak. Unfortunately i do not have aTV Flash installed


I understand i can create a new ISPW with Seasonpass but will i lose all my information i’ve got on my current tethered jailbreak during the process. I.e all my repos/tweaks etc etc


Sort of holding off doing it till i know what to expect after


Massive cheers in advance

Download Season pass 2.4 plug in ATV2 open Season psaa click create ipsw and it will untether your device and should not have to reinstall repos or tweaks.

Nice one, i’ll have a go tomorrow night after work

Nope you lose it all and start again

I did last week. There’s no way to avoid having to start a fresh installation AFAI. 

But it took no time to have it back the way I had it before :slight_smile:

Really? nothing is working for me… its untethered but EVERY add on fails to load. im stuck tbh