Tethered to untethered

Right guys am I being thick here or what? I have the atv2 running the 5.3 so the tethered version, I want to get the new untethered jailbreak however when I look for the maintenance option on my atv I can’t find it!! Is it in the settings on the atv or do I have to go into xbmc to find it?? Thanks in advance for any help =)

the ‘maintenance’ menu option is found on the atvflash software that is available here - i would recommend it, worked perfectly for me

Ok so I have to plug it into laptop and do the new jailbreak would that be right?

Also is this a free update??



additonal question -

I currently have the ATV2 with a tethered jailbreak with version 5.3. (6105).

Is it possible to make a complete untethered jailbreak with this guide?

I think that i will loose all my XBMC installation.

  1. For a new jailbreak, yes you’ll need a computer for that.

  2. To update w/o new jailbreak you’ll need NITO on the ATV. Go into NITO and click the untether link. I was told after applying the fix to re-boot and install the seatbelt fix inside NITO. I didn’t have that seatbelt fix listed so I couldn’t do it, but ATV is still working fine.


The new jailbreak is free either way you do the above.

ATVFlash does cost. You’ll find it on firecore site


You will LOSE everything if you follow that guide. You will RETAIN everything if you see my #2 remark above.

OK - thank you.

So if the way via Nito TV is easier and i don´t loose my XBMC installation -
Is there somewhere a recommended tutorial how i can / should install Nito TV on the ATV2?