Tethered to untethered atv2 running 5.3

I apologise if this has been asked before but I’m new to this. I was given a tethered atv2 running 5.3 by a friend yesterday and I was wondering if there was anyway to change it to untethered. Thank you in advance

Just re-jailbreakit. It will become untethered.

In the FireCore Maintenence app there should be an option to install an update to change 5.3 tethered to untethered.

It appears this option has been removed from ATV Black 2.5

I’m on older OSX hardware running Snow Leopard and cannot jailbreak using the latest seas0npass due to the file system patch issues. (See other threads on that). I have a troublesome ATV2 that wouldn’t update. Needed to re-jailbreak using Seas0npass .93 works however it’s teathered.

With ATV Black 2.5 released one cannot install using ATV Black 2.4 which has the “Click to Unteather” option.

Now I’m stuck with a teathered jailbreak again…

Once again FireCore has broken what once has worked. It seems they are pushing iOS support and leaving ATV behind.

This could be resolved by either correcting the file system patch issues in Seas0nPass for Snow Leapord and Lion or keeping the “Click to Unteather” option in the latest ATV Black releases.