Tethered Tantrums

Ok…I need the help of my Jailbreaking Gurus.  I’m going through all the steps to boot tethered after going through the process of creating the IPSW. Everything I’m reading online says to click on “Boot Tethered” then wait for instruction to enter into DFU mode.  So, once I have reached that stage, I connect the USB cable and wait for the rapid flashing, then I connect the power cable.  Now…this is where it changes. Instead of keeping the same blink speed, it blinks even more quickly.  I’ll go through the steps of holding down the Menu and Play/Pause for seven seconds and it will behave like everything is proceeding properly.  I’ll receive the prompt to remove the USB and connect the HDMI, however that process yields no success.  The rapid flashing pattern stays consistent. When I’ve connected to the TV with the HDMI, and the TV wakes up to the signal from the Apple TV, the screen displays the “wonderful” USB cable screen.

I’m pulling out my hair here trying to figure out just how to get my Apple TV 2 back to where it was just three months ago.  I miss my well behaved XBMC. Any help you guys my lend would be greatly appreciated.